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Doubt Is The Key To Knowledge Tok Essay Examples

Doubt Is The Key To Knowledge

Knowing anything can be risky. So much of what we see is influenced by the agendas of others, some of whom do not have our best interests at heart. In this light, it is important to look at whether certainty or doubt can bring us to a more secure grasp on our knowledge.

On the importance of certainty

There is a push towards a very homogenized way of thinking in modern culture. In just a few decades, fashion trends can reverse themselves completely so that what was once worn with pride can make one the laughingstock. Worse yet, these trends also exist regarding physical appearance. Woman were encouraged to be voluptuous then boyish then athletic and then resembling drug addicts all over the course of a single lifetime. Without some certainty these and other trends can seem like good ideas to live one’s life by. They extend also into concepts of morality. At one point in time, it was normal for human beings to own one another and a man could discipline his wife with physical violence. Any human being who hopes to not get swept away in the sea of disturbing trends needs to have certainty about what is right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable.

On the need for doubt

Even while certainty is important in many ways, it is important to be ready to test one’s beliefs at any point. At least a tiny bit of doubt must remain in order to be willing to accept new information that may contradict our long held beliefs. Imagine for a moment that you are a member of a society in which the sun is believed to be a very small ball that circles the earth. All of your evidence seems to point to this being true. If you eliminate all doubt from yourself, you will be unable to accept new information from someone who has presented you with carefully researched evidence. Similarly, if you were raised to believe that people who were different from you represent a menace to society, only by having a little bit of doubt can you eventually correct that belief.

It may not seem like it at first, but maintaining the right balance of doubt and certainty is the key to having any level of knowledge that you can depend on. Be certain about the things that are unchangeable and be ready to doubt everything else.

“Doubt Is the Key to Knowledge” (Persian Proverb). to What Extent Is This True in Two Areas of Knowledge?

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“Doubt is the key to knowledge” (Persian Proverb). To what extent is this true in two areas of knowledge?

As a Persian proverb once said to have progress in knowledge it is necessary to doubt. In other words, when we begin to doubt what we believed was true, we move forward to better knowledge making a further step to Absolute Truth. To what extent is doubt involved into the process of gaining knowledge? What is the function of doubt? To what extent is doubt either an engine or a brake to the progress in different areas of knowledge? To reveal the different facets of this issue I explored it by examining Natural Science and History.

Natural Science.

We found that the theory did not fit the facts, and we were delighted because this is…show more content…

However, it’s complicated to doubt correctly because the border between a scientist and a paranoiac is very unclear and if there’s too much doubt it might lead to developing relativistic ideas which suppose that there’s no certain truth in the world. To avoid it a scientist could base his speculation on firm ground. How can s/he guess that particular point is more or less unquestionable? One way is to turn to one of the tests for truth. However, the tests for truth don’t guarantee that a claim is true, so, in this case, a scientist has to act intuitively to feel for right direction for exploring using these tests and his/her genius as guidelines.

However, the problem of certainty is that for our time, for current paradigms this point of view about incontrovertibility of some facts might be true but there are many examples when shifts of paradigms happened and “impossible” ideas really began working, e.g. idea of N. Tesla about the method of wireless data communication. At the beginning of the XX century his idea was considered nonsense but now wireless data communication is a daily and usual thing. Thus, such basic point should be checked by time, i.e. it should be true for at least some consequent paradigms.

The charm of History and its enigmatic lessons consists in fact that from age to age, nothing changes and yet is completely different.

The essence of History is to describe an event, to determine the main forces in History and to do it

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