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About Economics Essay Sample

Whenever I think about my childhood, I remember the times when my father would come home after a tiring day at the factory, which he owned. He would sit back near the fire place and tell me: “My dear son, if you want to be successful, you need two ingredients: strategic thinking and hard work.” These words rang in my ears on the day when my father’s factory was announced bankrupt. I looked at my father who was sitting near the same fireplace and murmuring to himself: “What did I do wrong?!” That was the moment when I felt the urge to work out the system of economic knowledge, find out how not to make the same mistakes my father had done. To put it plain, I wanted to know how money work.

Economics governs our life. Since the time people started communicating, they needed to identify their material needs, find the way to satisfy them and this is how they learnt to exchange and bargain the goods in order to get profit and increase their standard of life. So, economics forms the basis for the successful development of the society, assigning definite roles to all the parties in the process of material interaction.

Despite the fact that many people consider economics boring, I am deeply fascinated by the way the life of the society is governed by its laws. Although this sphere of human activity is traditionally tightly related with the idea of money and profit, it is not all about material gaining. Understanding the basic principles of economics can help improve the financial climate in the society, so that everybody benefits from it.

Economics Essay Samples

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Economics Essay Examples

Research Paper: The Economic View of High Price Gasoline Impact on Automobile Sales in USA Market from 2002 to 2006

Nowadays, the situation in gasoline industry worldwide is considered to be quite serious and some countries can even face the real threat of a profound economic crisis caused by high prices of oil. Even such economically powerful countries as the US are affected by high prices gasoline but the consequences of such a situation are still worthy to research. In this respect, the impact of high gasoline prices on automobile sales, and consequently, on automobile industry is one of the most serious problems that economists are expected to solve. Continue reading →

Essay on the Advantage of Canadian Unionization of Work Force Compare to the US

Traditionally, the unionisation of work force in Canada is considered to be more advanced than in the US. Such a difference between the development of unionisation in the neighbouring countries may be explained by a variety of factors but the primary role play the difference in legislation, historical development and mentality of Canadians and Americans. Continue reading →

A Critical Analysis of the Institution of Economics

This paper is a critical analysis that investigates the Institution of economics stressing its strengths, weaknesses and problems. It describes the importance of the Institution and its constituents, such as economic system, subsistence economy, conspicuous consumption, market forces, corporate capitalism and corporation. Continue reading →

The Future of the Strong Dollar Policy

To operate efficiently the US economy requires about 5 billion dollars daily investments, generally from abroad. The country has a trade balance deficit of about 600 billion dollars and the budgetary deficit of more than 450 billion dollars. Under these circumstances, the government should start implementing the “weak dollar” policy in order to make the exports cheaper, the imports – more expensive and finally cover the difference between the exports and imports value. But there is one serious reason why such policy is unacceptable – decreasing the dollar’s value means reducing investor’s profits. Continue reading →

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