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Urban Planning Dissertation Proposal

With some exceptions, notably the recent book, The Physical University (Temple, 2014), the built form of the university and its (dis)connection with the world around it has frequently been overlooked as a focus for research. At a time when universities are seen as the cornerstone of local knowledge economies and a focus for the co-production of knowledge, the neglect of universities’ physical form, particularly their openness and permeability is a curious oversight.

Ironically, given the growing emphasis on co-production and the need for welcoming spaces of encounter, universities appear to be moving in the opposite direction, towards the privatisation of urban space (and knowledge).

Thus, starting from an assumption that co-production will become an increasingly important mode of knowledge production, this PhD would examine local, national and international case studies where universities have worked with partners to develop buildings, sites and spaces that are conducive to the co-production of knowledge, with a view to identifying commensurate principles, practices and architectures. In particular, the PhD would explore key questions around access to knowledge and Appardurai’s (2006) concept of the ‘right to research’ as key elements of the sustainable, just city.

List Of The Most Impressive Town Planning Dissertation Ideas

Town planning, better known as “urban planning,” is a field of study and practice that involves using land and designing urban environments, including transportation, infrastructure, networks of distribution, and other parameter. It’s a multidisciplinary field incorporating architecture, public policy, and urban design. Many students pursue a PhD in this useful and potentially lucrative field, and the final step to obtaining a doctorate is your dissertation.

Creating a Town Planning Dissertation

When you plan your thesis paper, you will select a topic for intensive, concentrated study. You will then conduct independent research into this topic, synthesizing diverse data and information through your research to arrive at a thesis. Your thesis is the central argument or idea of your dissertation paper. Your topic should be relevant to your curriculum and study program, and should be relevant to a particular subfield within urban planning, like architectural design or social policy. You will then use your investigative and analytical skills to arrive at an original conclusion.

Here is the rough structure that your thesis will take:

  1. A general discussion of the existing body of theories and data that you will take into consideration.
  2. An explanation of the nature and parameters of your topic.
  3. The potential contribution that your research can make to your field.
  4. Your methodological approach and main research questions.
  5. An argument to prove or disprove an established hypothesis, or support a new proposition of your own.
  6. A summary to synthesize and conclude your findings.

You will nearly always have a thesis advisor to guide you through the long, exhaustive process of constructing your argument and conducting your research.

A List of Impressive Urban Planning Dissertation Ideas

Here are a few ideas for topic areas within the field of urban planning, which you can use as a basis to choose a research question for your graduate thesis.

  • Environmental planning in modern cities
  • Impact of electrical infrastructure on city organization
  • Impact of globalization on urban areas
  • Impact of environmental change
  • Flood risk, flood resistance, and urban layouts
  • Impact of business interests on spatial urban organization and zoning policy
  • Reducing carbon emissions in cities
  • Incorporating new energy technologies into urban areas
  • Using policy and planning to enact innovative urban change
  • Protecting wildlife near urban areas

These are just a few potential general topics, which you can take into consideration when forming your thesis and conducting research. The key to your dissertation is to create an original claim or statement, and conduct original research to support or refute a hypothesis.

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