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Roles Of The President Essayas

Summary: This essay describes the roles of the President of the United states and how that person must fulfill each role to lead the country in a satisfactory manner.

The president is the leader of America. This person represents every United States citizen. They must make important decisions that affect the lives of all Americans. Therefore, the president must fulfill several different roles to guide the country in the best interest of the people.

When a person is elected president, they also take on the role of chief executive. As chief executive, the president will enforce laws and federal court decisions as well as treaties that have been signed by the United States. In this role, the president is able to appoint and remove high-ranking officers of the federal government, if with the approval of the Senate. They can also grant reprieves, pardons, and amnesty. Additionally, they manage national emergencies during peacetime. These emergencies include anything from riots to national disasters.

In addition to chief executive, a person selected as president will become the commander in chief...

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The president must serve in a number of capacities to fulfill a number of duties. Some of these roles are specified in the Constitution, but most of them have evolved over time; the following chart summarizes some of the president’s roles.




Chief of StateActs as the symbolic leader of the country
Chief ExecutiveExecutes the laws, appoints key federal officials, grants pardons and reprieves
Commander in ChiefRuns the armed forces
Chief DiplomatNegotiates with other countries
Chief LegislatorSigns or vetoes legislation, introduces legislation, works with Congress on the budget
SuperpoliticianHelps his or her party raise money and elect candidates

Chief of State

Every nation has a chief of state, a person who serves as the symbolic leader of the country and represents the nation. In the United States, the president both leads the government and acts as the chief of state, although this is not the case in many countries. As chief of state, the president presides over commemorations of war heroes, throws out the first pitch at baseball games, and attends funerals of world leaders, among other duties.

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