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Marketing Plan Case Study Pdf

Page 1: Introduction

The NIVEA brand is one of the most recognised skin and beauty care brands in the world. NIVEA creme was first introduced in 1911 and the NIVEA brand now extends to 14 product ranges worldwide from suncare to facial moisturisers, deodorant and shower products. In 1980 when Beiersdorf, the international company that owns NIVEA, launched its NIVEA FOR MEN range internationally, it broke new ground...
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Page 2: What is a marketing plan?

A business needs to set its overall direction for the company through a business plan. This plan sets out how the company is to achieve its aims. The aims and objectives of a business inform and shape its business plan. A vital part of the overall business plan is the marketing plan. The relationship between the two plans is shown in the diagram.  Marketing involves identifying...
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Page 3: Assessing the market

The first step in devising a marketing plan is to conduct an evaluation of the business, its brands and products. This should include an assessment of the brand's position and the state of the market. NIVEA FOR MEN needs to know what its male customers want and what competitor products exist. As well as targeting the male consumer, women are also an important target market for NIVEA FOR MEN...
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Page 4: Setting objectives

A successful marketing plan relies on setting clear and relevant objectives. These must relate directly to the business's overall aims and objectives. In other words, the marketing plan must fit with the overall company strategy that is set out in the business plan. Beiersdorf states its goal as '...to increase our market share through qualitative growth. At the same time we want to further...
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Page 5: Marketing strategies

The NIVEA FOR MEN team devised marketing strategies to deliver its objectives. These strategies set out how the objectives would be achieved within the designated budget set by the management team. This focus on product development combined with an emphasis on consumer needs is a key differentiator for NIVEA FOR MEN. It is a major reason why in the UK the brand is still the market leader in the...
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Page 6: Conclusion - evaluating the plan

The marketing plan is a cycle that begins and ends with evaluation. The final stage in the marketing plan is to measure the outcomes of the marketing activities against the original objectives and targets. Continuous evaluation helps the marketing team to focus on modifying or introducing new activities to achieve objectives. NIVEA FOR MEN adopted a range of key performance indicators to assess...
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